About Your Trusted Insurance Providers in Hamilton

Nacora Insurance Brokers is a branch of Nacora International Insurance Brokers, located in Hamilton, that has been creating a legacy of providing the best insurance policies to clients since 2008. We acknowledge the varied and changing needs of people. This has helped us in foreseeing and adapting to the evolving expectations by systematically recruiting pioneering brokerages with deep knowledge of a broad spectrum of specific industries and goods. Our experts don't operate with the mindset of just selling insurance, but they aim at offering solutions to all needs, no matter how complicated or uncommon they might be. The scope of our experience has ensured that we bring together a team of experts to assist all our clients.

Our Commitment


When you choose us as your trusted insurance provider, you get:

Excellent service

Excellent service

customer support

Reliable customer support

Free quotes

Free quotes


Quality commercial and personal insurance solutions

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Small brokerage feel with a large brokerage reach

We offer our services to a wide range of clients, including homeowners, vehicle owners, business owners, motorcycle riders, boat and snowmobile owners and cottage owners. So, whatever your insurance requirement, feel free to get in touch with us.